I am currently converting my books into screenplays.

Gordon Smith Story Teller.


I spent most of my life in sales, public transport and traffic management.

Born on 18th May 1945 in the Sydney suburb of Camperdown, while my father was away fighting in World War 2.

Though I had been to school in Leichardt, my primary education began mainly at West Melbourne School after my family moved to Melbourne.

I have some notable certificates to my name; In 1998, I received the Certificate of Transport Management from Queensland University. I also received the Certificate IV in Project Management.

I have three sons with his first wife and now has four grandchildren. I married his current wife, Kay, in Brisbane in 2003, and she has been his inspiration ever since.

I have enjoyed the luxury of residing and working in different parts of Australia and in the process enjoyed different employment opportunities. This great working experience in the public transportation industry and then civil construction came to an awesome end in 2013 when I retired at Caloundra, Queensland.

After retirement, I took an interest in researching my family.

This research and discovery gave me knowledge and ideas which brought about the writing of my first book “A family that went to war”.

After publishing my first book, other books sprang up easily. His second book was “An Australian story” – the saga of an Australian family over two centuries. In this book, I wrote about Australia early settlement and the events that made Australia and the makings of a family. Amazingly, this book sat on the Amazon best-selling list for the Kindle history of Australia and Oceania for about 10 days.

That gave me further inspiration as I wrote my third book within a calendar year. This third book “The Ministry Communications Unit” is pure fiction based on a fictitious movie company set up by the Government during World War 2. I based a lot of this story around the locations that surround Caloundra.   

I next took on a fictional novel “Lady Ruth Bromfield” an inspirational biography about a Jewish girl, raised by an English, Church of England priest and her progress to becoming an inspirational leading industrialist.  

I then wrote “Men with a Mission,” an eye-opening account of events in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos during the 1969’s and 1970s.

This was followed by “The Sensual Retiree” a romance story about a woman whose husband dies shortly after he retires. She makes new friends and discovers that it is possible for a widow in her sixties and seventies to be able to enjoy the company of male suitors.

The next story “The Aboriginal Cameleer” is about a small Australian town during the late 1930s. Although originally aimed at older children, this book will have a wider appeal.

My current effort “Karanja Run” is a family saga that although it centers on an Australian outback cattle station, it also highlights the adventures of a flying doctor nurse and a search and rescue helicopter operator.


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