An Australian Story

The saga of an Australian family over 2 centuries

This is the story of one Australian family whose history begins in 1808 and up to 1998. Their heritage, along with that of the world they lived in, made them remarkable people. Although this story is based on real people and events fiction needs to be included to “fill in the gaps” not recorded. As indeed many names have been changed and other events need to be deleted in respect of living family members. This is a story of the history of Australia as it affected the family through the generation. It is a story that commemorates the supreme sacrifices during war and hardship while at the same time giving pride to the achievements of her family and her country.

When I first published my story “An Australian Story” I was delighted at how fast it climbed the rankings and ultimately reached #1 on – History of Australia & Oceania.

I was so proud and yet somewhat surprised at much of the criticism of my effort in some reviews.

As the sales were good, I ignored my critics and bathed in the royalties.

In 2018 I attempted a minor update, but the criticism remained.

Sales continued although they slowed down from the heights they initially reached and even today more people read “An Australian Story” than any of the stories I have since written.

Recently, I made the effort to re-visit my manuscript and I found the results of my research were very good, my storytelling was also very good however my spelling and grammar left a lot to be desired.

I then sat down and closely looked at the structure (literary not storytelling) and I began the long process of going through the story, line by line, I was able to correct many mistakes and I am proud of the result. (No doubt some readers will still find mistakes, but I am consoled by the fact that when I look at other works by literary greats, I can still find minor mistakes. (Even the Holy Bible (some translations) has few pau pax.)

I am now proud to announce that I have now released the 2022 update and it is ready on Amazon for you to enjoy.

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