Lady Ruth Bromfield

Ruth, as a small child, was able to escape from the tyranny of Nazi Germany through the selfishness of her mother

.Her father was a German soldier who abandoned her mother because of her Jewish faith.

Ruth’s mother then feared for her child’s immediate safety, so she arranged for Ruth to be sent to England on the “kinder transport.”

He mother is brutally murdered on the station just as the Kinder Transport train is departing.

John Bromfield, a Church of England priest would raise her in the Christian faith, and with help, he also raised her in the Jewish faith.

As a child, her dual faiths enabled her to build bridges between different groups, even at an early age.

After the war Ruth goes to University and becomes a qualified engineer.

She gains experience working in far away Australia on the Snowy Mountain Hydro-Electric Project.

Her early interaction with those from all different backgrounds and religions paved the way for her later leadership within an international company.

Ruth falls in love,and returns to England.

 After a disastrous marriage, she returns to Australia and works on several engineering projects.

Eventually, she meets her future husband and then promoted to a senior position within the company she worked for.

Shortly after her marriage to Clive, she is asked to supervise the planning for the recovery of a small Pacific Island nation following a devastating cyclone. Clive, to her delight, is also tasked to supervise the medical relief program, following the cyclone.

 Her leadership brings high praise, and on her return to Australia, she is elevated to the board of the company (which is being merged with her family’s company.)

She is exposed for the first time, many economic and ethical issues facing companies tendering for Government projects. She works through these issues and improves the process.

Returning to England Ruth is asked to assume control of the family business and shortly becomes President of Bromfield Industries

With her husband’s encouragement, Ruth embarks on a massive engineering solution that would help in raising the living standards of several African nations. Although a massive financial injection is initially needed, the whole project eventually becomes self- financing.

During the early stages of the project that she develops  what becomes known as The Respect Program.

For her efforts Ruth is honoured with many awards ac cumulating with a Nobel Prize and elevation to Dame Commander of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

Her daughter follows her footsteps and while on a gap- year she goes to Australia and meets a young German student and together they discover a part of her family’s history in a tour book.

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