Caloundra – retirement paradise

 Long known as the entrance to Moreton Bay, Caloundra has a long history and relationship with Brisbane.

Caloundra located less than one hour’s drive from Brisbane, the relaxed atmosphere is welcoming everyone who is searching for a place to enjoy their retirement. With an average daytime temperature of 23° (74° F). Caloundra is an ideal location to enjoy life.

A major shopping centre (Caloundra Central Shopping Centre) four smaller shopping centres along with over a kilometre of retail spaces, Caloundra fulfils all your basic shopping requirements,

Many medical centres are available to you as are the many specialist centres, while the Caloundra Hospital provides a range of outpatient, ambulatory and community-based services while the Sunshine Coast University Hospital is a short eight kilometres away. Several private hospitals are in proximity.

For the active retiree sporting facilities are plentiful, with golf, bowls, tennis, swimming, gyms croquet and other sporting clubs spread around the area.

Most of the clubs and hotels have regular entertainment, while at a certain time of the year there are festivals, street markets, and other celebrations around the town. Elderly citizen and country women’s clubs are well represented, as are all the major churches.

Walking is a popular pastime with walks all along the beach fronts from Golden Beach through Bullcock Beach, Happy Valley, Kings Beach, shelly beach, Moffat Beach and Dicky Beach. Golden Beach on the Pumicestone Passage is used for swimming, windsurfing, boating, and fishing. While Bullcock Beach,  has boardwalks, piers, and many restaurants. After a picturesque walk through, Happy Valley and then the boardwalk brings us to Kings Beach. King’s Beach is the main beach of Caloundra. A saltwater swimming pool adjacent to the beach draws seawater directly from the ocean. Further on a short distance around Whickham Head leads us to Shelly Beach. Although Shelly Beach while not a swimming beach, Shelly Beach is always a popular picnic and rest area. The low tide always exposes the shells and rock pools along the beach. A short stroll along the foreshore brings us to Moffat Beach. Moffit is not a patrolled beach, but Dicky Beach, located only one kilometre north, has a surf lifesaving club and is patrolled year-round. Both Dickey and Moffit beaches boast cafes, a post office, a newsagent, and parklands.

  On any given day locals can be seen on the Wickham Point between King’s beach and Shelley Beach watching the ships from around the world entering Moreton Bay on their way to Brisbane. From May to September whale watching from the headland is also extremely popular. The magnificent humpback whales travel between the southern polar regions and the warmer waters of the subtropics to give birth.

There are many housing options for retirees in Caloundra. The high-rise apartments dot the foreshore, while one street back there are plenty of single-story and two-story residents available. Retirement villages usually have a range of resident activities and a social climate directed at those no longer in the workforce. As well as the regular retirement villages, there have been some condominiums that have been built as retirement villages. The other alternate is relocatable villages. They usually restrict these to over the fifties and comprise re-located homes sprinkled with a few on-site caravans. The on-site caravan element is disappearing fast. In these villages, the occupier usually owns the house while they pay rent to the park owners.

With “Brick & Mortar” villages, some houses are owned outright with village fees, while other units are purchased with the village owner charging exit fees or sometimes other restrictions. In all cases, the managers maintain the upkeep of all communal areas in every village. A similar type of arrangement to a “Strata Title managed some villages” while others are managed by a specified contract. Some villages are managed by a similar type of arrangement to a “Strata Title” while others are managed by a specified contract.

Caloundra is also a popular holiday destination, and this allows the retiree to enjoy the many and several types of dining one would expect in a holiday centre.

Regular bus services and the train from nearby Landsborough provide public transport. Several organisations provide transport for those with health restrictions.

Fishing is always an alternative for the retiree. There are several public boat ramps for those who own boats while small fishing dinghies are available for hire at Golden Beach. Rock fishing along the headlands and shore fishing at Happy Valley, Shelly beach, Golden beach and for those who want to keep their feet dry, they can try either Military Jetty or even the Bullcock beach boardwalk.

During the season, locals flock to Kings Beach to watch the bream fisherman haul their nets bursting with their catch onto the beach.

Thinking of retiring, then consider Caloundra, gateway to Moreton Bay!

Published by Gordon Smith

Retired Traffic Management Project Manager and one of Amazon bestselling author, Gordon, has spent most of his life in sales, public transport and traffic management. Born on 18th May 1945 in the Sydney suburb of Camperdown, while his father was away fighting in World War 2. Though he had been to school in Leichardt, his primary education began mainly at West Melbourne School after his family moved to Melbourne. Gordon has some notable certificates to his name; In 1998, he received the Certificate of Transport Management from Queensland University. He also received the Certificate IV in Project Management. Gordon has three sons with his first wife and now has four grandchildren. He married his current wife, Kay, in Brisbane in 2003, and she has been his inspiration ever since. Gordon has enjoyed the luxury of residing and working in different parts of Australia and in the process enjoyed different employment opportunities. This great working experience in the public transportation industry and then civil construction came to an awesome end in 2013 as he retired at Caloundra, Queensland. After retirement, he took an interest in researching his family. This research helped him discover links back to the 1400’s and even a distant link to the Royal family of the United Kingdom. Also, during this research, he discovered he had relatives who fought in the Great War. Though he was familiar with his relatives in the 2nd World War, he knew nothing about the men in his family who had fought in the Great War. This research and discovery gave him knowledge and ideas which brought about the writing of his first book “A family that went to war”. After publishing his first book, other books sprang up easily. His second book was “An Australian story” – the saga of an Australian family over two centuries. In this book, he wrote about Australia early settlement and the events that made Australia and the makings of a family. Amazingly, this book sat on the Amazon best selling list for the Kindle history of Australia and Oceania for about 10 days, giving him further inspiration as he wrote his third book within a calendar year. His third book “The Ministry Communications Unit” is pure fiction based on a fictitious movie company set up by the Government during World War 2. He based a lot of this story around the locations that surround Caloundra. He next took on a fictional novel “Lady Ruth Bromfield” an inspirational biography about a Jewish girl, raised by an English, Church of England priest and her progress to becoming an inspirational leading industrialist. His book “Men With a Mission is an eye-opening account of events in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos during the 1969’s and 1970’s. The main players in this story are a Christian, A Jew and a Muslim who were brought together by an astute Australian Officer and made them into a significant group of investigators. His next book The Sensual Retiree” a romance story about a woman whose husband dies shortly after he retires. The story follows her life transitioning into a widow who moves into a retirement village. She makes new friends and discovers that it is possible for a widow in her sixties and seventies to be able to enjoy the company of male suitors. He followed up with “The Aboriginal Cameleer” a story about a small Australian town during the late 1930s. Although originally aimed at older children, this book has a wider appeal. His latest effort Karanja Run. Karanja Run is a family owned cattle station located in the Channel country of north Queensland, it is located about 200 km north of Birdsville and is approx. 4,500 square kilometres in size Stephen Fitzsimmons inherited the station from his father ten years after marrying Eileen. A tough, no-nonsense man with a love of his country only exceeded by the love of his family. Eileen is the mother of 3 children, Gloria. Giles and Allison. Runs the household with a firm, but loving hand. Our story starts with the expulsion of Allison after being discovered in a compromising position with another girl. Allison always claimed that it was an innocent incident, but the shame of a same-sex relationship haunted her. She returned to “Karanja Run”. After a short, while her father sent her to be trained as a helicopter pilot working with the cattle movements on “Karanja Run.” After a short-lived romance with a station hand she is recruited as a helicopter pilot by the Volunteer Emergency and Search Agency (known generally as VESA).” Her sister, Gloria trains as a nurse and eventually becomes a Flying Doctor nurse. Their brother Giles prepares to take over and run the family station. After several rescue operations Allison and her crew are kidnapped by a crime syndicate. Her subsequent rescue from an Asian jungle location is a gripping adventure on its own. Returning from a normal; Flying Doctor mission, Gloria’s aircraft runs into a bad storm, drifts well of course then crashes into the thick bush. Her pilot eventually dies from his injuries while Gloria uses all her survival skills waiting for a rescue. Enduring bushfires and floods all contribute to each other’s strength of character. Our story concludes with Giles dying in a flood leaving his wife and his sisters to look after Karanja Run. Gordon has been able to utilise his knowledge gained while in the army, driving taxis (he actually became the Victorian Taxi driver of the year at one stage,) along with his vast knowledge of the Civil construction industry in his writings. This book will open the world of fiction to a whole new level. Gordon feels that this will be his greatest book with a wide area of interest. For more, visit

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