Lady Ruth Bromfield

She escaped Nazi persecution as a child, and then grew to become an inspirational leader 1935.  Hitler’s Nazi’s are firmly in control in Germany, and the persecution of the Jews has begun in earnest.  In this desperate time of uncertainty, an unmarried Jewish woman gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Ruth. But asContinue reading “Lady Ruth Bromfield”

Lady Ruth Bromfield

Pilar Guerra Said on Amazon Lady Ruth Bromfield is the story of a little girl called Ruth who is born from a Jewish mother at the time of the Nazi Germany. She is saved from a certain death by a wealthy English businessman and adopted by his brother, a Catholic priest who raises her as aContinue reading “Lady Ruth Bromfield”

The Ministry Communications Unit

After the bombing of Darwin, Townsville and the submarine attack in Sydney, the Australian government became concerned with the possibility of the civilian population abandoning the coastal cities of Brisbane, Rockhampton, and Townsville and the coastal cities of New South Wales.It was obvious, although the invasion of these cities by the Japanese would be remoteContinue reading “The Ministry Communications Unit”

FREE eBook

Free   this weekend Sunday, October 10, , PDT  and Monday October 11 PDT (Sunday  7.00 PM to  Tuesday 5.00 am AUSTRALIA ESDT) from Amazon     The Sensual Retiree The sensual journeys of a senior citizen Joan embarks on an epic Australian caravan holiday with his partner Phil, after he retires, which is also the momentContinue reading “FREE eBook”

Karanja Run

the latest book from Australian Author Gordon Smith   Grady Harp on Amazon wrote KARANJA RUN opens with a sensitive rendering of a key incident that propels this story: ‘Eileen was sitting on the veranda, feeling the cooling effect of the breeze blowing across the waterhole. Lunch was all prepared, and while she waited forContinue reading “Karanja Run”